Czech Art 1900-1990

strana, autor textu, název, podnázev
7-7, Jaroslav Fatka, Introduction,
9-9, , Contens,
11-11, Josef Lahoda, Karel Srp, ..., Foreword,
13-13, , Reality in the picture, the picture in reality,
15-18, Miroslav Petříček, Marc Bloch, The Contemporaneity of the Non-Contemporaneous,
19-22, Emil Filla, Miroslav Petříček, Images in Meanders,
23-25, Miroslav Petříček, Jean-François Lyotard, The New Language of Presentation,
27-27, , Dream, Myth, Ideal,
29-39, Lenka Bydžovská, Eurhythmy of the Soul,
39-45, Lenka Bydžovská, Remote Paradises,
45-53, Lenka Bydžovská, Rigid Unrest,
64-70, Lenka Bydžovská, The Mystery of the Exterior,
70-77, Lenka Bydžovská, Zero Situation,
79-79, , In the distorted mirror and behind the mirror,
81-86, Vojtěch Lahoda, Unfamiliar ornament,
87-111, Vojtěch Lahoda, Distorted Figuration,
113-123, Vojtěch Lahoda, The Discovered Horizontal,
123-133, Vojtěch Lahoda, The Wounding of Figures and Matter,
134-141, Vojtěch Lahoda, The Crooked Mirror,
143-143, , Utopia, Vision, Order,
145-165, Karel Srp, Prefigurations,
166-184, Karel Srp, Light - Matter, Light - Psyche, Light - Aura,
203-214, Karel Srp, Objekt, Nature, Sign,
219-235, Marie Halířová Muchová, The History of the Prague City Gallery Collections,
237-239, Marie Halířová Muchová, Exhibitions organised exclusively from the art collections at the Prague City Gallery (GHMP),
241-241, , Select bibliography,
243-246, Polana Bregantová, Monographs and Exhibition Catalogues,
247-262, Polana Bregantová, Articles,
249-262, Polana Bregantová, Literature on Individual Artists,
263-279, , List of Exhibits,