Czech Centre New York (České centrum New York)

obec: New York City (New York)
adresa: 321 East 73rd Street
PSČ: NY 10021
tel.: +1-646 422-3399
fax: +1-646 422-3383

Marcel Sauer
dřívější adresa? - 1109 Madison Avenue, NY 10028 New York
As of 1995, the Czech Center New York builds dialogue among the Czech Republic and American public particularly in the areas of Czech Culture, Czech Business and Czech Tourism. The Czech Center New York is primarily focused on presenting the latest and most innovative works of Czech Artists to the U.S.
The Czech Center New York is part of a network of 24 Czech Centers abroad administered by the Czech Center headquarters in Prague a subsidiary of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our presence in the U.S. dates to 1995, when the Czech Center New York was granted the status of Miscellaneous Foreign Government Office.
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