Eugène Claudius-Petit

* 22. 5. 1907, Angers (Maine-et-Loire), Francie (France)
24. 10. 1989, Paříž (Paris), Francie (France)


národnost: francouzská
pohlaví: muž

Eugène Claudius-Petit was born on 22nd May in Angers. Having trained as a cabinetmaker, he left for Paris (Faubourg Saint-Antoine). On his return, he taught drawing at the school in Ampère (Lyons). Here he joined the Resistance, which took him to Algiers. He was close to General De Gaulle, working as minister for reconstruction and urban planning from 1948 to 1952, MP for the Loire on several occasions, and mayor of Firminy from 1953 until 1971.
He was a loyal friend of Le Corbusier, and he called on him to produce several buildings within the district known as Firminy-Vert.

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předseda Ústředního svazu dekorativních umění, Paříž 1966