Marangoni Atelier

rok vzniku: 1940
obec: Milán (Milano)
adresa: _

The Atelier Marangoni was founded in 1940 in the centre of Milan. The founder of the company was Ennio Marino Marangoni (1920–1985), the younger brother of Giulio Marangoni, who, in turn, founded the world-famous Marangoni school of fashion. Since the 1940s the Atelier Marangoni has created jewellery and refined fashion accessories that are instantly appreciated for their high quality and elegance. The materials used – wood, leather, mother-of-pearl, plastic, imitation pearls, crystal stones and all kinds of metal – are ennobled through the excellent workmanship that has always distinguished the Marangoni production. Immediately after the war the Atelier Marangoni also began to design and produce stage jewellery, which was commissioned by the greatest artists of the period.

In the 1950s and 1960s Marangoni dedicated his most elaborate creations to the opera world, especially La Scala in Milan, and established, over the years, work relations with a number of prestigious theatres throughout the world. The Atelier receives design sketches from famous directors and stage and costume designers of La Scala, such as Visconti, Benois, Guttuso, Zeffirelli, Lila De Nobili and, more recently, Ezio Frigerio and Franca Squarciapino. Here, thanks to the technical skills and great experience of the craftsmen, the designs are transformed into magnificent crowns and precious diadems, necklaces laden with multicoloured stones, rings, sceptres and bracelets. The stones that decorate the refined jewellery of the Atelier Marangoni are the resplendent, multicoloured crystals Swarovski, which has from the beginning been the sole supplier of pearls and stones for the Milanese company. The age-long collaboration between Swarovski and Marangoni finally consolidated in June 1999, when the Atelier Marangoni became part of the Swarovski Group. Today the archive of the Atelier Marangoni, built up in over 60 years of activity, is one of the largest in the whole world and contains over 14,000 pieces of jewellery and fashion accessories, including more than 500 pieces of stage jewellery.