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Pajucity, Jižní Korea
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The 21st century is said to be the Era of the Culture and the Arts. As the most competitive product in this period, culture and art, has now become essential in producing an economic value. With innovative ideas and through the community work

In this exhibition, we would like to focus on the modern ceramics before the 50s, and from 50s to the contemporary ceramics. Pushed out by other convenient devices, they now only remain inside a frame of old and past things. But, only decades ago, they are daily necessities required in our daily lives and cannot survive without them. They now make us vaguely homesick.

Using the same material of clay, artists in their thirties and forties show variety and uniqueness in today's modern ceramics, which are rather unfamiliar to the audience. Watching and enjoying them without burden as well as eliminating the traditional and fixed preconceived ideas on ceramic ware, we hope for an enhanced learning and understanding of the modern ceramics.

We also hope to talk with the artists, provide a boost in their activities, and become a vessel where all things can be contained. And we also hope that this vessel would always be filled with your sincere support.

Very carefully, we opened Hanhyanglim gallery with our whole heart. We would like to ask you to encourage us with warmhearted minds and continuous care and interest.

Han, Hyang-Lim,Director, Hanhyanglim Gallery

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